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The award-winning I-15 Express Lanes is the nation's most advanced and innovative highway system. The I-15 Express Lanes provide 20 miles of flexible travel between State Route 78 in Escondido and State Route 163 in San Diego.

The I-15 Express Lanes are free for carpools, vanpools, transit riders, clean air vehicle drivers, and motorcycles. Learn more about who can use the I-15 Express Lanes and how to access and use the Express Lanes.

Solo drivers can get FasTrak online or at Costco to use the Express Lanes for a fee, which may vary from 50 cents to a maximum of $8 depending on trip length and traffic in the lanes. FasTrak tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid toll account using a transponder. Get FasTrak to avoid traffic and reach your destination faster with the I-15 Express Lanes.

Learn about new transponder technology, including stickers, and how they are read on our roadways in our FAQs.

Need to pay an I-15 Express Lanes toll violation? If you received a toll violation, contact the customer service center or pay the violation online.

To protect the health and safety of customers and staff, our walk-in Customer Service Center is closed to the public effective July 14, 2020Assistance by phone and email is still available during normal business hours.

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  • Call: (888) 889-1515 or call 511 and say “FasTrak”
  • Visit: 1129 La Media Road, San Diego, CA 92154 (closed to the public)
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