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What is a PRONTO?

PRONTO has replaced the Compass Card and Cloud systems entirely, offering riders a better payment experience when choosing transit.
Riders will be able to: 

  • Earn-as-you-go to get the best fare, every time! Load money into your PRONTO account or onto your card, then scan or tap with each trip you make to earn a Day or Monthly Pass as you ride. (COASTER excluded - will still require upfront payment for Day and Monthly Passes.)
  • One-way fares on PRONTO will be valid for unlimited transfers within two hours of activation.
  • Get real-time account management online (no more waiting up to 48 hours for passes to be available)
  • A wider retail network to purchase and reload PRONTO cards

How much will I pay?

With PRONTO riders will not need to buy passes in advance. You can earn-as-you-go by adding money to your PRONTO account. Every time you tap to board a vehicle, the appropriate one-way fare is deducted from your balance. A rider will never be charged more than a Day Pass in a given calendar day, regardless of how many trips/taps they make. Likewise, a rider will never be charged more than a Month Pass regardless of the number of trips/taps in a calendar month. You will be able to track progress toward a Day or Month Pass on your PRONTO app or online account.

Riders will still have the option to buy a Month Pass in advance for all buses, Trolley and SPRINTER. COASTER will require up-front payment for a Day or Month Pass.

PRONTO is also an account-based system that allows for real-time account management. You can use your smart phones to load money to the account instantly. Value can also be added online, over the phone, at ticket vending machines, retail outlets, and at the MTS Transit Store and North County Customer Service Centers; and this value will be available instantly through every method. No more waiting!

Cash can be used to add value to your account using: ticket vending machines, retail outlets, the MTS Transit Store and North County Customer Service Centers.

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Where can I get a PRONTO card?

For a list of PRONTO outlets, see our website at

You can also download our PRONTO app on Google Play or the App Store. Search for “PRONTO San Diego” to get a free virtual card.